Business networking can propel your career to new heights. Whether your goal is to climb up the career ladder or expand your business, developing personal relationships with like-minded professionals can open doors you otherwise would not have access to. Through networking, you can access industry knowledge, new job opportunities, prospective clients, recruitment leads, and more! If you would like to build a solid business network, continue reading to learn more.

Business Networking Defined

What is business networking? Business networking is a social event that helps your business grow by meeting and interacting with business professionals, suppliers, and potential customers. Networking events usually occur at in-person business conferences, social events, and seminars. As technology continues to expand, these events can now be done virtually, although face-to-face interactions are always recommended.

Networking Benefits

According to a study conducted on networking, up to 70% of employees received their current company position through networking. With over 50% of employees receiving their company positions through networking, it’s safe to say that it can be an integral part of propelling your career. According to industry experts.

Some of the benefits of networking include:

In addition to expanding your career, you can gain the following from these events:

  • Increase your visibility: Increase your visibility by attending networking events regularly. Attending these events can provide you with a higher chance of being noticed.
  • Access job opportunities: Through meeting well-established professionals in your industry, you can gain access to referrals, potential partnerships, and other job opportunities that might not have flourished through applying online. Furthermore, as long as you make an excellent first impression, you can get introduced to an investor or a customer for your business, or perhaps a professional who grows a liking to you can offer you a better-paying job or higher position than your current employer.
  • Expand your knowledge: Many experts from different fields attend networking events, offering valuable feedback and insights to others seeking that advice. These professionals have most likely been in your shoes before, so their feedback can help you learn from their experiences to avoid mistakes they have potentially made. Whether you are seeking feedback or would like to express a problem you may be facing, they help you see things from a different perspective. Take the information you receive from professionals at networking events seriously and reflect on how you can apply it to your career.
  • Become a better recruiter: If you attend networking events to hire employees, you can find outstanding talent. Generally, individuals attending these events are serious about their careers as they have taken the time to be there. Professionals you meet at these events can offer you excellent assets to your company, whether they are at that networking event or not.
  • Build a support system: Every job has hardships, and sometimes you need someone to support you. You can discuss your career challenges through networking events and ask other professionals questions. Getting answers, feedback, and help rallies a support system behind you that can aid your success. 
  • Gain confidence: As you continue to put yourself out there in the business world, you build confidence and social skills that would otherwise be impossible if you did not interact with other professionals. Gaining confidence in your career is especially important if you are trying to grow your leadership position or business. Developing your job hinges on forming long-lasting relationships and interacting with others.

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