The 2022 USHCC (United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce) National Conference is the largest annual gathering of Hispanic business leaders in America. The main aim of the 2022 USHCC National Conference is to bring together local Hispanic chambers of commerce, Hispanic business leaders, and corporate partners in a bid to enhance the American economy through the development of the Hispanic economy. The event will be held around the National Hispanic Heritage month of 2022 to celebrate the community’s history, heritage and culture.

Let us consider some details about Hispanic Heritage month and the 2022 USHCC national conference.


What is the Hispanic Heritage Celebration?

Hispanic heritage month 2022 is a yearly celebration in America to promote and appreciate the history and contributions of Hispanic Americans to the development of America’s economy. This event which mostly takes place between the latter half of September and the beginning half of October, has special meaning, particularly for Americans with ancestral lineage from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and South, and Central America.

During this event, local community indigenes, students, and business leaders enjoy the fantastic colorful cultures and festivals with touches of educational activities.

Furthermore, the event will be celebrated with support from the 2022 United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce National conference.


When Will the 2022 USHCC National Conference Be Held?

As an annual event, this year’s conference will be held in person and virtually from October 2nd- 4th at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown in Phoenix, Arizona.


What Will You Gain by Attending the 2022 USHCC National Conference?

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce event attendees will have the opportunity to engage in interactive discussions with top-notch business leaders in America, members of congress, administrative personnel, and other corporate partners.

If you attend this event, you will learn from the informational sessions about how to strengthen and grow local Hispanic-owned businesses and form a network that could be advantageous to you.


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Florida Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce (FHACC) was created to educate, provide useful resources and positively impact legislation for the benefit of Americans. Our sole mission is to strengthen the economy by unifying local communities and businesses in Florida State. Our coalition of businesses and community organizations provides a united front for local Hispanic business owners. In addition, we believe so much in business, unity, education, community, and advocacy, thereby ensuring local businesses have the opportunity to network with resources and connect with business professionals for their development.

We cordially invite you to the 2022 USHCC National Conference. In the meantime, Click here to add the date to your calendar or contact us.