José Luis Rivera-Villamañan graduated from Kansas State University with a BBA in Marketing & Economics, and then attended University of Phoenix MBA program. His work background includes hotels & shopping centers development consulting, advertising at Young & Rubicam (#1 worldwide and in PR at the time), market research as Sr. VP of Marketing, Sales & Strategic Planning at 27YO at the leading marketing research agency in P.R., working at the multinationals Unilever and Bacardi where he learned the structured and strategic approaches to successful business development, advertising, PR, promotional, radio & TV production, marketing, media and video marketing plans. He enjoyed then exercising his entrepreneurial spirit as President and Founder of several companies, Villamañán Holdings, Inc., Grand Advertising Promotions & Public Relations, Inc., and International Wine & Spirits Brokerage, Inc. (IWSB) for fourteen years. Now, more recently, José Luis founded SCL & Grand International Productions working clients in the state of Florida, US at large and the Caribbean, such as Sea & Ski, City of Coca Beach and over 50 restaurants and hotels. The companies are dedicated to filming TV commercials, brand sell and promo digital videos, documentaries and creating compelling audiovisual messages that sell, recently nominated for an award at the 7th Annual PR Heritage Film Festival in NY (November 2017). IWSB and Grand Advertising Agency have had major brands and companies represented: Passoa, Cointreau, Midori, Champagnes Krug, Piper-Heidsieck & Charles Heidsieck, Rémy Martin Cognac and other products of the French company Remy-Cointreau, Winner Wines of Spain and Japan's SUNTORY International, with over fifty-six brands. José Luis achievements include the launch of Passoa liqueur, which became the number one liqueur in a year and a half in the liquors category, the most competitive in terms of number of brands in Puerto Rico (with over 140 brands), and in two years Passoa reached the second spot in terms of imports to Puerto Rico among all categories of spirits. Other achievements include the growth of Passoa, Midori and Cointreau brands in the market of Puerto Rico, the first two respectively reaching the highest consumption per capita in the world, and for Cointreau, its second major market per capita worldwide. Jose Luis was appointed as only non-corporate officer member of the Strategic Marketing Team of the Remy-Cointreau Group based in Paris, which establishes global marketing strategies, platforms for the international development of brands of liqueurs and spirits represented. He was responsibly always encouraging his team to exceed the scope of the objectives of their clients. At Bacardi Caribbean and Grand Advertising, he developed strategies and programmes, filmed and produced many award-winning TV commercials and shows at the national and international level. He has produced many awards winning projects, co-produced or worked with/contracted projects and developed ingenious and product integrations with the number one show in P.R. for 13 Years- “No te Duermas”, and worked with Suau Productions, Zaga Films, Guastella Films, Guede Films, Wapa & Telemundo, Young & Rubicam, Grey Advertising and many other TV, radio shows and social media projects winning industry, news media accolades and recognitions covered by media e industry. He has been a production consultant in international filming productions for Remy-Cointreau Group. Won the Ad Campaign of the Year in Puerto Rico while at Young & Rubicam with the Yellow Pages client campaign. Some of the awards he and his companies have received include: • Distinguished Citizen of San Juan (1996) • People to Watch - San Juan City Magazine (1997) • Appointed as Member of Rémy-Cointreau Worldwide Strategic Marketing Team (SMT) based in Paris (1998-2003) • EXCEL awards to Grand by the Association of Public Relations Professionals of PR for the Special Event of the Year in 1996 and 1st place in Special Publications in 2000 • Marketing Excellence Award- in 1999, IWSB was awarded the national Marketing Excellence Award from the Sales & Marketing Executives: 1st place (finalists: Colgate Total, Toyota, Bora Bora) • Medal of the Ordre of Coteaux (of the Champagne industry) received in Reims, France, • "Passoa Passionate Award" - Most Successful Country Operations 98/99 • Award for Best Collaboration in the Executive Committee and Company of the Year – awarded by the Official Spanish Chamber in the years 1999 and 2002 • Distinguished Entrepreneur – by the Association inter-American Businessmen, 2001 • Main proponent of the private industry before the Legislature of PR and the Tourism Company for the development of the new law to promote nautical tourism newly signed into law by the Governor of PR of December 16, 2009. Advisor to the legislature on business, economic & social development initiatives. • Official Meetings with Heads of State: US President George H. Bush Sr., President Jose Maria Aznar (Spain), King Felipe de Borbón (Spain) on advisory role on trade promotion & economic developments, social & youth-related matters. José Luis also participates or has participated as a member of other organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, United Center of Retailers, Spanish Official Chamber of Commerce in P.R. (which he presided during 3 years, held the VP and Director posts previously as well), Asociación Interamericana Hombres de Empresa (AIHE, as Director and 1st VP for over 8 years, Co-Chairman of the 3rd and 5th Inter-American Businessmen Congress), Association against Muscular Dystrophy (MDA - Advisory Board) and the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs (was its Vice-Conseillier Gastronomique.) On October 3, 2009, José Luis founded PR's Heart of Sailing Foundation, dedicated to therapeutic educational and recreational courtesy Day Sails to families with children with learning conditions such as Down’s Syndrome and Autism, as well as abused or neglected kids in the Hogar Manuel Fernandez Juncos. He was re-elected for 3 times as President of the Spanish official Chamber for the years 2003-2006, having been its first Vice-President since joining in 1997 for six consecutive years. He also served as a member of the Board and first Vice-President for 5 years of the Inter-American Association of Businessmen, during the years 1994-1998 and again during the years 2001-2002, giving up the Board to assume the Presidency of the Spanish Chamber with total commitment and re-elected twice as board president. He is currently single, has a 20 year-old son called José Luis and 16 year-old daughter named Rosa Maria. He spent his free time reading and enjoying the countryside and the sea, sailing leisurely and participating for over 10 years in international regattas (St. Thomas ROLEX, St Maarten Heineken, PR Heineken, and many others), winning first place as crew on “Cayennita” a J36 at the 2011 BVI’s Sailing Week’s at both the Bitter End Yacht Club and Nanny Cay Cups, participating, attending or racing and achieving first, second and third places in "NAUTIFULL1" and "Estela", sailing a DUFOUR 44 Performance Arpege Limited Edition in the islands of the Caribbean. José Luis moved with his son to Satellite Beach, Florida for his freshman year in college after a brief consultation stint in 2013 exposed him to the gifted quality of life and overall growth in the area, they now also have an office and residence in Orlando. Arriving in August 2015, he immediately embarked on new ventures: Grand International Productions, SCL Productions (audiovisual productions) and now launching PRUSA (Puerto Ricans in USA) Channel, and was elected President of the Florida Puerto Rican - Hispanic Chamber of Commerce after demonstrating proficiency as Chairman of the Awards Banquet Gala and Chairperson of the organization’s Parade on November 2016. In 2017 he founded and was elected president of Puerto Rican Initiative and Action, and twice elected to the SCPA board in Brevard. He is also working on a new venture, a regional digital channel and highly efficient and effective video marketing medium directed and focused exclusively on covering Orlando’s Puerto Rican Community’s civic, cultural, sports, business and lifestyle events and shows. SCL/Grand has a portfolio of over 250 videos filmed in Florida. Best Restaurants of the Space Coast (sponsored by the City of Cocoa Beach), Best Restaurants of Kissimmee (sponsored by Kissimmee Mainstreet), Best Restaurants of Doral (in production, sponsored by the City of Doral & Doral TV), Best Restaurants of Downtown Orlando, Best Puerto Rican Restaurants of Orlando, Best Latin Restaurants of Orlando (in production, sponsored by ORLANDO Mainstreet) shows are now being aired in digital platforms, social media and search engines. He is now ready to take these new platforms to a new level.