Irma Sánchez, president of the foundation that empowers the Latina woman Women in Leadership and coordinator of the office for the development of health businesses of the company Zors, was named as a member of the Welfare Committee of the public schools of Miami County Dade Irma Sánchez humbly assumes this new challenge. The well-known communicator, brand ambassador and philanthropist received the notification highlighting how proud and honorable she feels as she will have the great responsibility of being "the voice of our Latin community before the authorities and local governments regarding nutrition and well-being. From my position I will fight and ensure that our children can eat well, receive adequate information on eating habits and how to exercise from an early age and, above all, to be happy. That will be my great mission. " The objective of this department, which certainly advances an interesting campaign: "Play, eat and succeed" has among its objectives, provide healthier options for students and teachers and train students with the knowledge that the increase in activity Physical can improve your overall health, well-being and success. In this regard, Irma Sánchez stressed that "I have a lot to do for the health of children and their physical health. It requires a lot of responsibility to influence the new generations. If God put me on this path, here I am to serve you. " Being extremely grateful for her new position as a member of the welfare committee of the Miami public schools, Irma Sánchez reiterated the support of the hundreds of women who make up her Woman in Leadership movement and praised the advice she always received from her deceased mother: " No matter where you come from and the vicissitudes that you have had to live. You can achieve what you propose and deserve because you must always believe in yourself. "